Top 10 Benefits of Fixed Hurricane Shutters in Southwest Florida

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Whether you live in Southwest Florida year-round, you’re more of a seasonal resident or you own some sort of property in the area, you know the impact that a hurricane can have on your property and safety. With a vast array of protection options available, it’s important to do your research so you can determine what will be best for your particular situation. Fixed hurricane shutters are one of the options you have to safeguard your home against the damaging effects of hurricane-force winds and inclement weather. Let’s explore the top 10 benefits that these shutters can provide for you and your home.

1. You’ll Always Be Prepared

When you have fixed hurricane shutters, such as accordions or roll-downs, you’ll always be prepared for unpredictable severe weather. There’s no need to scramble to find temporary panels or run to the hardware store and fight through the crowds to grab supplies to board up your home at the last minute because you’ll be ready to roll out your shutters as soon as you hear inclement weather is approaching. You’ll be able to rest easier through the storm season each year knowing you have a reliable and quick way to make sure your home is protected.

2. One-Time Expense

Another top benefit of fixed hurricane shutters is that they come with a one-time, upfront expense. Other storm protection methods that many Southwest Floridians gravitate toward, such as boarding up their homes with plywood, are more prone to breakage and won’t last as long. With fixed hurricane shutters, there also isn’t a chance that you’ll misplace them and need to run back out the next year to purchase new materials.

3. Minimal Maintenance

Fixed hurricane shutters require minimal maintenance each year. Of course, the amount of upkeep needed will ultimately depend on the severity of the storms that impact your area. For example, some common maintenance includes fixing locks, lubricating the tracks and keeping them clean so they can open and close easily. However, this minimal upkeep is still much less involved than other hurricane protection methods, and it will ensure that you get the most out of your fixed shutters for the long haul.

4. More Storage for the Rest of Your Items

When you opt for fixed hurricane shutters rather than temporary panels or plywood, you’ll also have more storage space available in your home. Hurricane panels and plywood naturally require storage space when you aren’t using them. Fixed shutters don’t require any additional storage space outside of their installation area. You won’t have to worry about cluttering up your garage or searching for another open spot in your home to store them.

5. They’re Flexible & Customizable

Fixed hurricane shutters are an especially beneficial option of protection for homes and buildings with multiple stories, balconies and patios. Roll-downs and accordions can also be customized to fit your windows and doors exactly, depending on what you want for your protection. These shutters are designed in a variety of colors, so you can choose what best matches your home’s aesthetic.

6. They’re Discreet

In addition to being a flexible and customizable option for protecting your property, fixed hurricane shutters won’t take away from your home’s beauty. They’re designed to discreetly hide away from your windows, doors and any other areas of installation when they aren’t in use, so they won’t look bulky or out of place. Even when they are in use, they’re still a more discreet looking option when compared to panels and plywood.

7. You Won’t Accidentally Damage Your Home

If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you have to put up plywood boards or install hurricane panels yourself at the last minute, you know that there is a lot of room for error. Unfortunately, you run the risk of accidentally damaging your home when you try to nail panels or plywood boards to your exterior windows and doors. With fixed shutters there is no need to worry about accidentally damaging your home. Especially with accordion and roll-downs being fully customizable, there is even less room for error since they’ll be tailored to fit your windows and doors perfectly.

8. Increased Property Resale Value

Another potential financial benefit of installing fixed hurricane shutters in your Southwest Florida home is that it could help to increase the resale value of your property. With all of the benefits that these shutters provide, they are usually an attractive asset that many homebuyers take into consideration – especially in the Florida market. If you’re trying to sell your home and have accordion or roll-down shutters already installed, it may help you get a better offer from prospective buyers.

9. You May Get An Insurance Break

Depending on your homeowners’ insurance policy, you may also qualify for a financial break when your home has fixed hurricane shutters. Many Southwest Floridians receive a discount on their insurance when they’ve taken the necessary precautions to protect against storm damage. Whether you already have fixed shutters or are planning on getting them installed, be sure to reach out to your homeowners’ insurance company for more information and see if you qualify for a discount.

10. Most Importantly: They Provide Safety

At the end of the day, the safety and protection that fixed hurricane shutters provide for your home is the most beneficial feature of all. Designed with double-walled, reinforced aluminum slats, these shutters are built to withstand tropical storm and hurricane-force winds. They’re built to help protect your home and everyone inside from debris which could cause devastating effects.

Hurricane season officially begins on June 1st and lasts all the way until November 30th. At Shutters239, we want nothing more than to help you protect your home and family during this year’s storm season. Contact us today if you have more questions or would like a free estimate for your home. We hope that through educating you on the benefits of fixed shutters that you’ll feel more confident about your options going into this year’s season.


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