Hurricane Shutters: Increasing Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

hurricane shutters

Hurricane protection is extremely important in Florida due to the sunshine state’s vulnerability to tropical storms and hurricanes. One important aspect of hurricane protection is the use of hurricane shutters. These shutters are designed to protect windows and doors from the strong winds and flying debris that accompany hurricanes. Hurricane shutters can play a significant […]

How to Properly Store & Maintain Storm Shutters?

Storm shutters

When the winds start howling and the skies turn dark, with storm shutters you’ll have peace of mind. Storm shutters are an essential part of your hurricane protection arsenal. They protect your home from the damage caused by strong winds, heavy rains, and flying debris during a storm. Storm shutters act as a reliable shield […]

Protect your Home from a Storm

Protect your Home from a Storm

Hurricane Season can be unpredictable, are you ready if a storm is headed our way? Hurricane Season is from June 1 to November 30 but like many that live in Florida know, storms can be unpredictable and hit our area at any time. It’s important to make sure that your home is prepared for anything […]

What Should Your Hurricane Shutter Maintenance Plan Look Like?

Roll Down Aluminum Shutters

Hurricane shutters are a necessity if you live in Southwest Florida. Your home needs protection from the elements, especially tropical storms. Hurricane-force winds can devastate a house and blow in the windows, causing waves of water to rush in and destroy all of your possessions. A good Hurricane shutter can protect the windows from flying […]

Top 10 Benefits of Fixed Hurricane Shutters in Southwest Florida

hurricane shutters

Whether you live in Southwest Florida year-round, you’re more of a seasonal resident or you own some sort of property in the area, you know the impact that a hurricane can have on your property and safety. With a vast array of protection options available, it’s important to do your research so you can determine […]

2020 Hurricane Season Will Be ‘Above Average’


Hurricane season is about a month away and in preparation for its arrival, Meteorologist Phil Klotzbach and the experts at Colorado State University have released their predictions for the 2020 season. They have forecasted above-average weather for the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, which starts June 1st. The experts have predicted 16 to 18 tropical storms […]

What are your Hurricane Shutter Options for this Upcoming Hurricane Season?

hurricane shutters

Southwest Florida is already preparing for hurricane season, are you?  Are you thinking “How do I even begin preparing for hurricane season?”  You’re not the only one. Picking a hurricane shutter that will work best for you and your home is a great way to start your preparations.  There are a variety of hurricane shutters […]

Never Had Storm Shutters? Here are 5 Things to Know

Storm Shutters

Living in Southwest Florida is living in paradise. Sandy beaches and sunshine can’t be beat. However, we can’t forget about the hurricane season. From June 1 to Nov. 30, Floridians and part-time residents must be prepared for a hurricane. Having proper protection is a necessity, including home and business storm shutters. If you have never […]

How to Maintain Accordion Hurricane Shutters

accordion hurricane shutters

How to Maintain Accordion Hurricane Shutters As a resident of Southwest Florida, you know that tropical storms and hurricanes are a reality. Even though the official hurricane season runs from June 1 to Nov. 30, you can prepare your home now for the next set of storms. If you’re considering installing accordion hurricane shutters on […]

Preparing for Disaster: When Should You Put Your Hurricane Shutters Up

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As much as you may be tempted to keep your hurricane shutters up all year round, you shouldn’t. Check out this guide so you know when to put yours up. High winds and flying debris are tremendous dangers. Hurricanes are among the most violent storms on the planet. They cause incredible damage to homes and are a […]