Benefits of Motorized Interior Shades

Motorized Interior Shades

Shades and blinds are of great use when we want to reduce or increase the natural light that is entering our home. However, sometimes we want to adjust the blinds but are too busy with some work, are feeling lazy, or just don’t have enough energy. At times like these adjusting shades can feel like an extra task.

Motorized interior shades are changing the way in which we manage our natural light exposure and privacy in our homes. Let’s understand the benefits of these shades and how they can help improve your living experience.

Effortless Convenience & Accessibility 

Motorized interior shades make life so much more convenient, with these you don’t have to adjust your shades manually throughout the day. By simply clicking a button you can effortlessly lower and raise your shades.

Windows that are in high places or are positioned awkwardly can be difficult to access and often require a ladder or some makeshift equipment to reach them. These shades are especially useful for windows that are in hard-to-reach places or are very large. They are also a great option for people with mobility issues and elderly individuals so that they can control their environment conveniently on their own.

Unlike traditional shades, motorized shades don’t have any cords hanging near them, thus making them safer for children and pets. 

Smart Control via Apps

Modern automated shades have various smart control options that you can smoothly integrate with your home automation system. By using the shade control app on your smartphone and tablet, you can adjust your shades from anywhere in the house and even from a remote location. This is perfect for times when you don’t feel like getting up from the couch but want to reduce the light entering your living room or when you forget to lower the shades before leaving home. 

Energy Efficiency & Savings

These shades can be programmed such that they open and close at particular times of the day. You can schedule them to close during the hottest hours of the day so that your home temperature stays cooler, reducing the strain on your HVAC system to regulate and maintain temperature. This will also help you reduce your energy bills and will help you live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Improved Home Security

Motorized shades can also help in improving your home’s security. By programming your shades to open and close at different times of the day, you can give the illusion to passersby that someone is at home, even when you aren’t! This can help prevent burglars and intruders from breaking into your home while you are away. 

Stylish & Customizable

Automated shades are available in a wide variety of styles, colors and fabrics so you can choose the perfect shades that go well with your home’s style and decor. They are available in sleeker models, classic Roman-style models and much more and you can even choose to customize them according to your needs.  

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