Preparing for Disaster: When Should You Put Your Hurricane Shutters Up

hurricane shutters

As much as you may be tempted to keep your hurricane shutters up all year round, you shouldn’t. Check out this guide so you know when to put yours up.

High winds and flying debris are tremendous dangers.

Hurricanes are among the most violent storms on the planet. They cause incredible damage to homes and are a grave threat to human safety as well.

The atmospheric disturbance of a hurricane is so great that pressure changes can damage and collapse buildings.

Hurricane shutters are one component to reducing the amount of damage sustained during a hurricane. They can protect more than just your windows.

Pressure Changes During a Hurricane

Hurricanes are massive storms that disrupt the atmosphere. The intense wind a hurricane generates can cause pressure differences in the air. These pressure differences can cause building roofs and walls to collapse.

If windows are destroyed the wind getting inside a building can cause even greater pressure imbalances. This increases the chance that your roof will fail. If your roof fails, the torrential rains during a hurricane will destroy most of your belongings.

Walls can also be destroyed by pressure changes. Keeping your home as intact as possible is key to stopping damage.

Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are a way to protect your home. There are many different types of hurricane shutters. No matter which style you choose, they will be an essential part of your defense.

Homemade hurricane shutters often are nothing more than plywood nailed to windows. While this can help, it can be destructive to put up. You can easily damage your house.

Commercially available hurricane shutters are easier to use. If professionally installed, they won’t cause damage to your home.

Hurricane Season

The official start of hurricane season is June 1st. The official end of the hurricane season is November 30th.

Hurricanes can occur out of season. Being prepared is essential to protecting your home and property. If you live in an area like South Florida hurricanes and tropical storms can come almost any time of the year.

You should have what you need available before the hurricane season. This includes more than just hurricane shutters. Any additional hurricane mitigation strategies you can employ will help.

Predicting Hurricanes

Knowing when and if a hurricane will make landfall is not an exact science.

There is no way to know how active or destructive a hurricane season will be. Conditions can improve the likelihood of a hurricane occurring. These conditions don’t guarantee a hurricane will form.

Once a hurricane or tropical storm does form, it can be tracked. Meteorologists begin by offering a broad forecast for landfall.

This initial assessment will cover hundreds of miles. During this time emergency plans will begin to be put into effect for areas that could be hit by the hurricane.

A Hurricane Watch

Hurricane watches are issued for an area in advance of hurricanes and tropical storms. Watches are issued 48 hours in advance of expected landfall. This gives you a chance to make final preparations and depart if you so desire.

Whether you stay through a hurricane or leave for its duration is up to you. What you will want to do is make sure and have hurricane shutters up at this time. Forty-eight hours is not a lot of warning.

If you already have hurricane shutters installed, then at this point deploy them. If you have to install them yourself, you should start doing so now.

Hurricane shutters don’t take a long time to install. Most windows can be protected in an hour or less each.

Don’t Take Any Chances

Once a hurricane watch has been issued you can be sure things will start happening. A final surge of people will seek to leave the path of the storm at this point. Roads and emergency crews will all be quickly preparing for the storm.

It can be difficult to get anything done during this time. If you are concerned about the approach of a hurricane and believe it will hit your area put your hurricane shutters up. If you are not in town when this happens make sure to contact professionals who can help.

If you plan on leaving for the hurricane get your shutters up immediately. Even if there is no hurricane watch do not leave your house unprotected. You will need to make sure your hurricane shutters are installed before leaving.

Waiting for Hurricane Season Can Be a Costly Mistake

If you need hurricane shutters don’t wait until hurricane season. Having them ready to be deployed is essential. Everyone who doesn’t have hurricane shutters will start to want them as the hurricane approaches. I was able to lose 8lbs before being prescribed phentermine

Waiting until the last moment may leave your home defenseless. With so much demand in such a short time frame will overload most businesses. If you are prepared your installation will be done right and you will have less to take care of at the last minute.

Hurricane Protection Is Essential

If you live in an area that is commonly affected by hurricanes, you understand the destruction they cause. If you are new to hurricanes find a business that has experience dealing with the danger they pose.

Even if you have lived with hurricanes your whole life you can still be better protected. Speak to a professional about how you can improve your odds of surviving a hurricane with your home intact.

Hurricanes Will Happen

In southern Florida the fact that hurricanes will hit is unavoidable. Every year hurricanes make landfall in the south-eastern United States.

Florida is constantly targeted by these highly destructive storms. Damage can be intense, and homes can easily be destroyed by the high winds and pressure changes.

Hurricane shutters and other hurricane mitigation tools have been developed to help. Long years of dealing with the aftermath of these storms has taught valuable lessons. Use this knowledge in order to protect your property.

Without hurricane shutters, you have a much higher risk of facing complete home destruction. Don’t become another statistic. Prepare yourself as soon as possible so you are ready when the storm comes.

Shutters239 has decades of experience in protecting homes and applying effective and high-quality hurricane shutters. If you need help or wish a consultation about hurricane shutters and other tools, contact us.


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