Accordion Shutters for Hurricane Protection in Southwest Florida

There is no place in the country that is quite as beautiful and exotic as Southwest Florida. Sunshine, palm trees, sandy beaches, the Gulf of Mexico, spectacular sunsets, it’s all right here. But, this paradise isn’t always welcoming. During hurricane season, strong storms can ravage the Sunshine State, leaving residents and visitors scrambling to protect themselves and their property.

Accordion Shutters

Hurricane Hazards You Need to Know

The wind is one of the most dangerous aspects of a hurricane. While a thunderstorm may produce strong, gusty winds that reach 35, 40, or even 50 mph momentarily, they’re nowhere near hurricane strength. Once winds reach 74 mph, they’re dangerous, hurricane-force winds that can cause a massive amount of damage including:

  • Moving outdoor furniture, toys, trash cans, etc.
  • Blowing debris, tree branches, and other projectiles at high speed,
  • Ripping roofing and siding off of homes and buildings,
  • Breaking windows, blowing outdoors, and compromising your home.

How to Properly Prepare Your Home for a Hurricane

When a hurricane is forecasted for Southwest Florida, you have to act quickly to prepare for the onslaught. That means making sure you have plenty of food, water, and personal care items on hand. Protect your property by securing any loose items in and around your yard, covering vulnerable windows and doors and tuning in to local emergency broadcasts for further instructions.

Protecting Vulnerable Windows from Projectiles

If you don’t act quickly to protect your home and property, hurricane-force winds can cause severe damage. As a storm approaches, winds pick up tree branches, lumber, and other debris and these objects are hurled through the air. Your windows and patio doors can be shattered in an instant unless you protect them by covering them with boards, hurricane shutters or screens.

Accordion Shutters for Windows, Doors and Patios

One of the problems with using plywood to protect your home’s windows is it’s a temporary fix. As soon as the storm threat passes, you have to take them down. Next time a storm is headed your way, you’ll need to put them back up again.
For hurricane and storm protection that is flexible, easy to use, and durable, Accordion Shutters from Shutters239 are a great option. They offer year-round protection from strong winds, flying objects, projectiles, and wind-blown debris. Thanks to our over 35 years of experience, we’re the area’s premier provider when it comes to the design and installation of accordion shutters for hurricane protection in Southwest Florida.

Customized Hurricane Protection for Your Windows and Doors

Your home isn’t the same as anyone else’s home and you require one-of-a-kind solutions to issues like hurricane protection. With vertical slats custom-designed to fit openings of any width, our Accordion Shutters can be used to protect your windows, doors, patios and balconies. With the flexibility of opening to either side or down the middle, you can enjoy durable and robust storm protection, no matter how unique your home design is.

Accordion Shutters Provide More Than Hurricane Protection

While protecting against storms is their main job, our accordion shutters can also be equipped with keyed locks. This small addition turns your hurricane protection into security shutters, keeping unwanted intruders from breaking in. Whether you live in Southwest Florida part-time, travel frequently, or if you’re forced to evacuate during major storms, rest assured that your home is kept protected and safe while you’re away.
Contact us to discuss your hurricane protection needs or to learn more about our Accordion Shutter options. Our dedicated team is highly experienced and we’ll work with you every step of the way, so you get exactly what you need. We’ll also help you keep your accordion shutters in good working order with our yearly maintenance plan.