What are your Hurricane Shutter Options for this Upcoming Hurricane Season?

hurricane shutters

Southwest Florida is already preparing for hurricane season, are you? 

Are you thinking “How do I even begin preparing for hurricane season?” 

You’re not the only one.

Picking a hurricane shutter that will work best for you and your home is a great way to start your preparations. 

There are a variety of hurricane shutters to choose from to suit your budget and aesthetic needs. Preparing houses for a hurricane can be an intimidating prospect, especially when faced with so many different options. Understanding the different options will help you pick the right hurricane protection for your home.

Let’s take a look at five Florida hurricane shutter options, starting with the most popular.

Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters are bolted to the side of your window, and as the name suggests, open like an accordion. They are made from aluminum, the same material as roll-down shutters. Accordion shutters are custom designed to fit the size, and the dimension of your windows, doors, patios and more. They are available in white, ivory, beige and bronze colors. Accordion shutters are easy and quick to open and close, making them perfect for Florida where the weather can be very unpredictable. Accordion shutters being permanent are designed for the beautification of a home which makes them the most popular option in Florida. 

Roll-Down Shutters

Roll-down shutters do exactly what you would think, roll up and roll down. The aluminum end retention, roll-down shutters attach above the windows, doors or lanai areas and can be lowered by hand or automatically with the push of a button. They are available in white, ivory, beige and bronze colors. They can be used perfectly to enclose a lanai and are able to be opened and closed easily. Roll-down shutters have the strength needed to withstand hurricane-force winds, while still looking aesthetically pleasing on your home, similar to accordion shutters.

Storm Panels

Storm panel popularity comes from their inexpensive cost compared to other shutter options. Storm panels come in steel, aluminum, and Lexan polycarbonate. They attach to the walls around windows and doors with bolts or on tracks. Storm panels are ridged, and each piece overlaps the next to reinforce overall strength. Unlike the other shutters discussed they are temporary shutters and are only used for the duration of a storm. Storm panels are lightweight but made of durable material, making them an excellent choice for fast hurricane protection. 

Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters are extremely common in the South and other tropical areas for their decorative and protective qualities. They are made from aluminum, come in impact or nonimpact and are installed permanently above your window frame at an angle. They are available in any color. Bahama shutters are easily adjusted like an awning to provide you shade during the summer months and protection during hurricane season.

Colonial Shutters

Colonial shutters offer homeowners an attractive option to protect their homes. These shutters are made up of two separate pieces that attach to the wall beside each window and fold together to shield the window. Colonial shutters are a permanent home addition and will stay up when the storm has long passed. Similar to Bahama shutters, they are made from aluminum. They are able to be designed with customized colors, and they can add curb appeal which makes Colonial shutters another popular choice. 

All five of these shutter options have great qualities and would work as sufficient hurricane protection for your home. When selecting a hurricane shutter, you need to look at all options and decide on which one will perfectly fit your needs. The experts at Shutters239 are here to help!

Hurricane season starts June 1st, it’s never too early to be prepared! Contact Shutters239 today to discuss the different options, and we’ll help you pick the ideal protection for your home. 



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