5 Powerful Benefits of Installing Storm Shutters in Florida


Living in an area with severe and unpredictable weather requires adequate storm protection. If you’re residing in the sunshine state, you need to protect your family and business from hurricanes. Installing storm shutters in your home or business establishment is one of the proactive steps.

Hurricane shutters are appended outside the building with the help of screws or clips. They act as the first line of defense between your property and the storm. Storm shutters safeguard the home or business structures from damaging natural disasters.

Let’s look at some of the key benefits of installing storm shutters which make them worth the upfront cost.

1.Safeguard people and property: Storm shutters are effective at protecting the vulnerable spots of your Southwest Florida home or business. They keep the flying debris away and prevent water from entering the home.

Impact-resistant shutters protect both the exterior and interior of your home. They reduce the risk of injury that can be caused to the residents. The several layers of glass are difficult to penetrate or shatter. They are resilient to Florida storms.

2. Increase the resale value: If your home has storm protection, it will appeal more to property buyers. They won’t have to worry about storm protection. Storm shutters bolster the worth of the home, add to the beauty, and help to get the best resale price.

Moreover, with an installed storm shutter, you can get great discounts on homeowner’s insurance.

3. Act as a burglar deterrent: When your home is unattended, shutter systems protect it against intruders. They provide an additional layer of security for your property. Particularly, roll-down shutters have strong lock mechanisms which can’t be tempered easily.

Not only sophisticated tools would be required, but breaking any kind of storm shutter is a loud and alarming process. This would be avoided by the intruders.

4. Lower the energy bill: The sun beaming through the windows can not only increase the temperature of the house but also can fade furniture.

The raised temperature would increase the Air Conditioning bills. Storm shutters prevent excessive heat from entering the home. Roll-down storm shutters provide adjustable light control.

5. Enhance the appeal of the property: Storm shutters are available in a huge variety of colors and designs. For instance, Bahamas shutters can add a Caribbean charm to your property. Classics shutters like Accordion shutters protect your home without altering its look much.

The storm shutters can also be customized to match the interior aesthetics of your home. Enhancing the curb appeal, storm shutters aren’t only admired by visitors but also attract potential buyers.

Storm shutters also help in saving a lot of storage space. Keeping hurricane plywood boards requires storage, but storm shutters become a part of your building seamlessly.

Another important advantage of storm shutters is the privacy offered by them. They are designed in such a way that you can see outside but not vice-versa. Closing them completely provides you with better privacy than curtains.

They offer a range of functionalities, help in cost savings, and ensure peace of mind. Installing hurricane shutters in your Florida home relieves you from the stress of hurricanes or intruders. Also, you can save a fortune as storm shutters help to cut down monthly energy expenses.

With hurricane shutters, your property is protected even from other natural disasters. Moreover, your family will live in a secure environment without worrying about fierce winds or heavy rains.

Shutters239 are your local experts. We provide all kinds of hurricane shutters in Florida to homeowners and businesses. We work with the finest manufacturers, making sure all the hurricane shutters are of superior quality.

Our installation technicians are professionally trained and have decades of experience in storm shutters installation in Florida. They are capable of quickly and accurately installing your shutters, so you can enjoy security well before the storm hits. Shutters239 offers a lifetime warranty period on all hurricane shutters in Florida.

Reach us and one of our technicians will visit your home for the measurements and the right material. We will prepare the best and most cost-effective hurricane protection plan to convert your home into a safe zone.

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