How to Choose the Best Type of Hurricane Shutter for Your Home?

Best Type of Hurricane Shutter for Your Home

Eight major hurricanes have made landfall in Florida in the last nineteen years. Hurricane prepping is second nature to Floridians. But, have you installed hurricane shutters on your home?

Avoid the fuss of the plywood and duct tape game and go for a more permanent solution. Here we go over all the different types of hurricane shutters, their pros and cons, and which might be the best hurricane shutters for your home.

Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

Roll down hurricane shutters, also known as Roll-gard or rolling shutters, are permanently attached to the side of your home.

Similar to the display screen in an old classroom, these shutters roll down out of a housing at the top of the window when there is a threat of inclement weather. They run via a power motor but have the ability to work by hand-crank in case power is lost.

These are preferable in homes with elderly residents, kids, or anyone who may have trouble with the manual labor of placing sheet style shutters. Roll down shutters are by far the easiest to operate.

Pros of Roll Down Hurricane Shutter Systems:

  • Always there
  • Flip a switch and they work
  • Super sturdy and dependable

Cons of Roll Down Hurricane Shutter Systems:

  • More expensive than other options
  • The housing can be an eyesore to some
  • Need to be hand-cranked if power is lost

Accordion Style

These are another type of shutter that remains installed all year long. When not in use, accordion shutters fold up nicely on either side of the window or door. They feature two long panels of interlocking accordion-folded metal.

Once closed these panels latch together and form a sturdy layer of protection against wind and debris. Similar to a solid vertical blind, they run along a track installed above the window or door itself.

Pros of Accordion Style Hurricane Shutter Systems:

  • Always there
  • No motorized elements
  • Can get deployed by one person alone
  • Ideal for large windows and doors

Cons of Accordion Style Hurricane Shutter Systems:

  • You will see the track and blades all year long
  • Lots of moving parts mean more repair and replacement for the life of the shutters

Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters offer a stylish and protective option. These shutters are permanently mounted to your home and can get pulled shut and locked into protection mode.

They offer shade for the windows while not in use. This offers a two-fold benefit, storm protection and a lower utility bill throughout the scorching summers of Florida.

Pros of Bahama Hurricane Shutter Systems:

  • Permanent Installation
  • One person activation ready
  • Stylish looking on the house
  • Shade protection for the windows when not in use

Cons of Bahama Hurricane Shutter Systems:

  • Cuts down on the home’s natural light
  • Offers less protection than some bulkier models
  • Cannot be used for doors


The most traditional looking of all the hurricane shutters. Colonial shutters are designed around the look of the New England homes up north. They offer a stylish accent to the windows of your home and give your house a distinct look.

These also offer a good level of protection once moved over and locked into place in front of the windows. They can be painted any kind of color and operate using a locking bar.

Pros of Colonial Hurricane Shutter Systems:

  • Stylish and design ready
  • Permanent installation
  • One person can make them storm-ready

Cons of Colonial Hurricane Shutter Systems:

  • Some take longer to install if they use a storm bar or center rod to lock them into place
  • Can’t be used for doors so you’ll need another solution for whole-home protection

Storm Panel Shutters

Storm panels are the metal and longer-lasting counterpart to traditional plywood window protection. The corrugated metal sheets are cut to the size of your windows and are installed by screwing them in over the window itself.

You will need to find a place to keep them but these are the least expensive hurricane shutter option. You could use the savings for other hurricane supplies on your list.

However, everything comes with a cost. While there will be significant cost savings you’ll have to find the storage room in your home for the sheets. On top of that, the edges of the sheets are very sharp and could injure someone.

If you have small children or elderly folks in your home you want to consider that when choosing these shutters. They’ll also required more than one person for installation to make them storm ready.


  • Affordable
  • Removable
  • Super strong for the price


  • You need at least two people for installation
  • Edges of the metal sheets are very sharp
  • They require storage space.

The Best Types of Hurricane Shutters Are the Ones Protecting Your Family

Regardless of which types of hurricane shutters you pick, the main thing is to stay safe and protect your family during storm season in whatever way possible. Create a plan for the hurricane season.

Note your evacuation zone, have some supplies ready, take measurements of windows and doors so you know how much you’ll need to cover with shutters or otherwise. Start buying extra water in August to prepare for the inevitable rush to the store during the first storm of the season.

At the end of the day, do the best you can with what you have and make yourself and your family as prepared as possible.

Still wondering which hurricane shutters would be right for your home and budget? Let us, the professionals at Shutters239, give you some insight and guidance.

Contact us today to learn about the shuttering solutions we have available to protect your home.

How Hurricane Shutters Impact Your Home’s Value?

Hurricane shutters in Cape Coral provide robust protection against damaging winds and flying debris. They reinforce your home’s structural integrity, safeguarding it from potential damage during storms. Their presence reassures potential buyers and increases the overall safety and security of your property. We will also learn how these protective measures can increase market appeal, enhance safety, and provide valuable peace of mind. See the full blog 



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