How To Make Sure Your Home Is Well Prepared For The Hurricane Season

Hurricane season

When was the last time you encountered a hurricane? Were you able to prepare your home against that devastating wind? How about the rising water?

These are some of the major concerns all homeowners must prepare for before a hurricane arrives. Studies show that around seven hurricanes strike the United States every four years.

With this in mind, you have ample time to prepare your home for the hurricane season.

So how do you do it? What are the essentials that you need to work on this early? Continue reading below as we give you some valuable tips on storm preparedness.

What a Hurricane Can Do

Of all the natural disasters that can happen, hurricanes are one of the most devastating. Not only does a hurricane destroy homes and buildings, but it can also leave a lasting impact on the country’s production and unemployment rate. This is because a majority of the country’s jobs come from coastal shoreline countries.

Moreover, the government spends an average of $28 billion due to hurricane damage. Despite the hurricanes’ destructive nature, you can minimize the damages they bring by prepping your home.

Preparing Your Home for the Hurricane Season

There are several ways to prepare your home for the hurricane season. Some involve spending, others require a little bit of DIY effort. Let’s take a look at nine things you should seriously consider before the hurricane comes.

1. Flood Insurance Matters

The first thing you should do is to review your existing home insurance policy. You need to make sure it can cover the full cost of repairing your home if ever the worst happens.

Most homeowners insure their homes according to their property’s value. However, it is the cost of rebuilding your home that you must worry about. This is because the cost of repairing a home in the wake of a hurricane continuously goes up.

Furthermore, you need to make sure that your insurance comes with flood coverage.

2. Inventory is a Must

One of the most important habits you need to practice is creating an inventory of your property. This means going through all the items inside your house and creating an annual tally. Creating an inventory will help you identify the things you need to replace and how much they cost, in case you lose them in the hurricane.

Some apps can help you document your belongings. You can also sync the details of your insurance policies. This will help you determine which items your insurance covers.

3. Invest in Shutters

Part of preparing your home is protecting your windows. One of the best ways of doing so is installing protective shutters. These are metal, plywood, or polycarbonate plastic coverings. They provide ample protection for your windows and doors against strong winds, hail, and other flying debris.

The good thing about shutters is that they come in different forms. Consult with a reputable shutter provider to ensure you are installing the right ones that match your home’s requirements.

4. Seal Your Roof

You also need to climb up the ladder and give your roof a close inspection. Check the tiles and shingles and take note of any cracks or missing pieces. If you see any holes, seal them up as soon as you can.

Moreover, seal your roof deck by applying some waterproof tape over the seams. If you are planning to go for a major reroofing, you may also consider adding some roof straps. These are metal straps that connect your roof to the walls for more stability.

5. Clear Your Lawn

Since hurricanes carry strong winds, you need to clear up your lawn. This will ensure that none of your items will go flying around and breaking your windows.

Transfer your lawn furniture, grill, and other garden items indoors. If you need to keep some of your items outside, make sure to secure them tightly to the ground.

Additionally, cut or trim some loose branches and tree limbs. These can easily break once the strong winds arrive.

6. Get Some Sandbags

Along with the strong winds, expect the hurricane to unleash heavy rains that may result in flooding. Secure your home by surrounding it with piles of sandbags.

You can get these sandbags from your local hardware store. You may also create your sandbags or use some plastic bags that you will fill with sand. Your goal is to divert as much floodwater away from your property.

7. Free Up Your Gutters and Drains

Another part of the house that you need to clear is your gutters. You want your gutters to run efficiently when the rain starts to pour. You want to keep the rainfall away from your home’s foundation.

Scoop all the leaves and debris you find in your gutters. If you need to use a power washer to take out the hardened debris, do so.

Also, inspect your drains and downspouts. Water must flow freely to keep your basement safe from flooding.

8. Inspect for Foundation Cracks

Check your walls for any cracks. Furthermore, inspect the perimeter of your home and look for cracks and stress marks below. These are foundation cracks that may lead to plumbing issues and flooding.

If you see any of them, patch them immediately.

9. Strengthen Your Garage Door

You also need to toughen up your garage door. Hurricanes can easily blow your garage door inwards. When this happens, it can smash your attic and compromise the integrity of your house.

Thus, install a vertical brace. Reinforce it further with horizontal wooden beams.

10. Surge Protection Helps

Last but not least, install a surge protection device. Hurricanes often cause power surges that can damage your appliances. A surge protector can keep your electronics safe especially your HVAC system.

Protect Your Windows, Today!

The best time to prepare for the hurricane season is several months before it arrives. You can start prepping your home by reinforcing your windows. We offer high-quality shutters you can depend on during extreme weather conditions.

We take care of the installation, as well as the repair, cleaning, and maintenance of the shutters. Connect with us and let us discuss your options today!


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