Exploring the History of Hurricane Shutters

History of Hurricane-Shutters

Hurricane shutters have become an integral part of protecting Florida homes and businesses during hurricane season. They provide a level of security and peace of mind for those living in areas prone to hurricanes. From humble beginnings as makeshift plywood boards to today’s high-tech materials, the evolution of hurricane shutters is a testament to human ingenuity. In this […]

Exploring Stylish Hurricane Shutters for a Beautiful and Functional Home

As hurricane season approaches, it’s important to ensure that your Florida home is prepared for the worst. One of the most preferred ways to do this is by installing hurricane shutters. They aren’t just functional but can also be stylish. There are many options available in hurricane shutters that can enhance the beauty of your […]

Hurricane Screens vs. Hurricane Shutters: Which one to choose?

Hurricanes can cause serious damage to homes and buildings. To protect your property from the strong winds and flying debris that these hurricanes can bring, it is important to have some type of hurricane protection in place. If you’re exploring different hurricane protection options for your South Florida home, you may have two main options […]

5 Powerful Benefits of Installing Storm Shutters in Florida

Living in an area with severe and unpredictable weather requires adequate storm protection. If you’re residing in the sunshine state, you need to protect your family and business from hurricanes. Installing storm shutters in your home or business establishment is one of the proactive steps. Hurricane shutters are appended outside the building with the help […]

Hurricane Shutters: DIY Installation vs Professional Installation

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Sufficient hurricane protection is essential to protect your property from fierce Florida storms and flying debris. One of the most effective ways to do this is by installing hurricane shutters. But, the question remains: should you install them yourself or hire a professional? While DIY installation seems to be a rewarding experience, it can take […]

A Guide to Choosing Right Hurricane Shutter for your Home

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If you’re a Florida resident, you know how important it is to be prepared for the hurricane season. To protect your home from fierce storms and flying debris, you should opt for a season that meets the latest Florida Building codes. One effective way to safeguard your home is by installing hurricane shutters. These shutters […]