9 Hurricane Preparedness Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

Hurricane Shutters Preparedness

If you live in Florida, there’s always a potential that a hurricane will hit your town during the hurricane season. You might be thinking True, but I don’t have to worry about that until next September… Wrong! Did you know that hurricane season is actually a 6-month long period? It starts on June 1st and runs […]

How To Make Sure Your Home Is Well Prepared For The Hurricane Season

Hurricane season

When was the last time you encountered a hurricane? Were you able to prepare your home against that devastating wind? How about the rising water? These are some of the major concerns all homeowners must prepare for before a hurricane arrives. Studies show that around seven hurricanes strike the United States every four years. With […]

How to Choose the Best Type of Hurricane Shutter for Your Home?

Best Type of Hurricane Shutter for Your Home

Eight major hurricanes have made landfall in Florida in the last nineteen years. Hurricane prepping is second nature to Floridians. But, have you installed hurricane shutters on your home? Avoid the fuss of the plywood and duct tape game and go for a more permanent solution. Here we go over all the different types of […]